Monday, April 12, 2021

Knit Kit Review: Wool And The Gang's "Kinda Magic Socks"


Happy Monday everybody! I'm super excited to share this review of the Wool & The Gang "Kinda Magic Socks" knitting kit with you all! Let's get started! 😊

This review was provided by one of my sweet friends, who knit up + wrote up her opinion on this kit, (which also happened to be her 1st pair of socks she ever kint!) - so this review is truly from a "first-time-sock-knitter's" perspective, in case any of you beginner-knitters would like to try your hand at sock knitting as well! 😉


Wool & The Gang "Kinda Magic Socks" knitting kit (everything in the photo below included):

- x3 sets of DPNS (double pointed needles) in different sizes

- sock knitting instructions + stickers

- a ball of Wool & The Gang's special self-striping yarn in the color "cool cat copper"

The neat thing about this special WATG yarn, is that it's "self-striping" & "self-spotting" which creates the sock pattern for you - perfect for beginner-knitters who want a more intricate looking pattern! 

Here's my sweet friends review (written in her own words) for you all! 😊

- written instructions: super easy to understand

- knitting level: beginner (this was her 2nd knit project EVER!)

- most challenging aspect: getting the tension right for the spots to "magically" appear correctly.

- 2nd most-challenging aspect: tension of the 1x1 ribbing (Brenna's note: this was her 2nd EVER knit project, so she did AWESOME on the ribbing of these - especially considering how tiny the knitting needles she used were! Even tension gets easier & easier with practice - she did a beautiful job! 😃)

- sock #2 also required (to match up with sock #1) using all 3 DPN sizes, & yarn adjustment to get the single-stripe rows within one stitch after ribbing. (Brenna's note: Again, knitting-tension practice, makes perfect! 😉 GREAT JOB!!!) 

- Last sock-knitter note: "Overall, I loved how they turned out; all things considered, & would make them again! :)"

Check out how amazing her 1ST PAIR of knitted socks turned out below! 

Thank you SO much again to my sweet friend, for providing this wonderful review of the WATG Kinda Magic Sock Knit Kit for all of us! 🌻

Have YOU ever knit a pair of socks? If so, comment below which is YOUR favorite sock kit / pattern - I'd love to check it out! 😊

Happy knitting everybody!


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