Monday, April 8, 2019

The Velky Blanket from WeAreKnitters - The Coziest, Chunkiest, Softest 100% Wool Throw I've Ever Made!

Happy Monday! I'm super excited to share with you all, the coziest + chunkiest blanket that I've ever made to date - The Velky Blanket from WeAreKnitters!

The extra chunky & soft, 100% Peruvian wool used to create this blanket is one of the most beautiful yarns I've ever worked with, and this particular knitting kit comes in this lovely "Natural" colorway!

The most fun thing about this DIY throw, is that instead of using knitting needles to create this blanket, you actually ARM KNIT it! (Yep, with your very own 2 arms! ;) ) AND since this yarn is soooo wonderfully chunky, this blanket works up in no time - around 1 hour! 

Have I convinced you that you need to make one of these incredibly soft, handmade blankets for yourself yet? Good! ;)

Happy Arm-Knitting everybody! :)

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